Dec 18, 2013

Dance Party!

This year I started a new tradition!  I got the stellar idea from here (at IHeartOrganizing).  I wanted to do it last year...but of course....I got too busy and put it aside for another year.  Well this is the year I finally started it.  I printed off her cute FREE printables because I loved ALL of her activity ideas.  The other night was "Pajama Dance Party".  To make it even more fun for the kids, I turned out the lights and busted out the glow sticks.  The kiddies LOVED it and didn't want to stop.  We had so much fun!  Another plus, the kids were out like a light once bedtime rolled around!   

Even baby Jax got excited!  He was shrieking with delight!

 Okay, and these pics have nothing to do with the dance party....but I had to add them in!  Look at my little troll!  He's so cute!  This is what happens when Jax feeds himself (which is ALWAYS nowadays because he can't stand it if he isn't holding the spoon).  I have to wipe his head down with a wet cloth to remove most of the chunks before throwing him in the bath!  Enter: CRAZY hair!

I have to say, this whole activity advent thing has been a LOT of fun, and not too much work.  We have skipped a few days here and there when it gets too busy, but the activities are simple, which makes it completely do-able for me! :)  I need easy, or I get overwhelmed, and don't do any of it.

What about you?  Do you have any fun traditions?  Do share!


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