Oct 3, 2013

Table Revival!

This has been a long time coming!!!  I bought this table at a yard sale for $40.  It was a steal. 


Of course I wasn't a fan of the color, but when I bought it, I knew just what I wanted to do with it!  After researching, I started my project.   I bought an electric sander and sanded everything.  Next I primed it with an oil based primer (one coat).

Then I painted the chairs with a brush, with 3 coats of Behr high gloss latex paint.  Half way through painting the chairs, I tried painting with a roller.  I realized I liked the smooth look of the roller, more than with a brush.  So I used a roller for the rest of the project, including the table.  I did 4 coats of paint on the table top.  I learned a WHOLE lot during this project.  On one of the chairs I tried using poly minwax, from a spray can!  DON'T do it!  It was horrible, and the minwax splattered out leaving drops in some areas.  The finish felt rough.  And it sucks to clean.  I now have the poly minwax in a can where you can brush or roller it on.  I have not used it yet, but plan to only use it on the table top to toughen it up, and prevent it from getting damaged as fast.  Here is the finished product:

It was very time consuming and a lot of hard work, but I'm so glad I did it!  I also found out recently that to get crayon off the paint, all you have to do is use a pencil eraser.  Works like a charm! 
I've had a few friends call me "crazy" because I painted it white.....and I have 3 little kids.  I've lived with the white chairs for over a month now, and it is WORK.  To keep them clean, I pretty much have to wipe them down after every meal.  But I don't mind it so much.  I actually feel satisfaction in knowing they are clean.  I can only imagine how dirty the table was before I painted it, because I sure as heck didn't clean it 3 times a day! hahaha!
So what do you think?  Do any of you have a white table?  Do you like it, or do you think it is too much work?  Maybe I'll change my mind after I've had it a couple of years! hahaha.

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