Feb 6, 2014


Okay peeps!  Here are a few meals I have been loving (WARNING: pics may look DISGUSTING...but trust...they are delicious!):

Ezekial toast with half mashed avocado, pico de gallo, and fried egg

Grilled chicken, apple, and walnut salad with fat free balsamic dressing

Grilled chicken, quinoa and pico
I made up a HUGE batch of pico, and use it to flavor everything....because I love the stuff! :)
Each of these meals was about 300 cals. 
Last weekend I was so ill, and wasn't able to work out until Wednesday of this week.  Also, on Saturday night, I had my cheat meal and cheated so bad I made myself ILL.  I probably stuffed my face with about 1300 cals of just dessert!  Plus a 300 cal dinner.  I was SICK.  I learned my lesson and will NOT do that again.  On top of eating myself sick...I had some sort of stomach bug.  I hardly ate anything on Sunday, except popsicles and saltines (not part of the diet).  It took me until Wednesday to get back on track with eating healthy again.  That is where my progress lays.  Usually when I fail with diet for a couple of days, I throw in the towel and don't get back on the wagon.  But I've done it!  I'm back to clean eating and feeling terrific!
My weight fluctuates a LOT, but as of this morning, I am only down a total of 5 1/2 lbs....so it seems I may have gained a lb....but I'm not going to let that get me down.  It could be from muscle gains?  I've been lifting heavier these last 2 weeks.  Most likely not...but I'm committed.  I know I need to believe in myself if I am to ever achieve my dream. 
My mind is weak sometimes, and fear takes over.  I start thinking negatively.  Putting myself down, or believing that I will never achieve what I dream of.  It's bad news.  I'm constantly reminding myself to think positively.  Eventually I will conquer my mind.  Baby steps.  I think the first step is to put up some positive quote on my wall, so I can read it everyday....something about believing in myself!  I'll let you know once I figure out which one I'm going to use.
Have a great night! 

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