Sep 11, 2013

OOTD and Rampage!

Here's an outfit I wore last week:

I'm in LOVE with the shirt.  I got it from Downeast Basics.  It's so soft and breathable, and I love that it looks like denim.

Hope you are having a great day!  I know I am!  I've been on a cleaning rampage.  Yesterday when I was rummaging through a cupboard, I found a mountain of loose flour in the back.  I didn't have time to clean then, but you better believe I got to it today.  My flour cupboard has been a catch all cupboard with all kinds of random things in a cup of pens, cook books, glow sticks (what the????), and games for my children to name a few!  So while cleaning it out, I got down to business and took out all that random weird stuff (except the cup of pens....for now) so the cupboard has a purpose now.  It feels so good to clear out clutter and define a space.  I have a few too many places in my house right now that are cluttered and DRIVING ME NUTS!  Like my bookshelf, console table (has a pile of DVDS on it that I now have no home for), mudroom, storage shelf in a closet, and above my kitchen cabinets...I like to put weird random crap up there if I don't have a space for it....I've got to STOP!).  Slow and steady wins the race.  I'll eventually get to them one by one.  I have a bad habit of shoving things in weird places, instead of taking the time right then and there to find a home for it.  Soon I'll be organized right??????  Or maybe I should just stop buying things all together?  My husband would LOVE that idea.  For now, I am going to work on my organizing skills and probably purchase some bins for organizing....bins and containers always seem to help.

Do you have any organization tips for me?  I would love to hear about them?


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