Aug 9, 2013

Baby Steps


 She is 5 years old.  She is going to start school this year.  I am so excited and so nervous about it all at the same time.  I'm excited for her to be able to make friends and socialize.  She just LOVES to be around people.  She is always asking me when we can have friends over, or when we can go to a friends house. 

I am also excited for the fact that I can have some one on one time with Lincoln (when Jax is down for a nap).  I always worry that little Linc is not getting enough attention and "mommy time". 

With that said, of course I am really nervous to let Taylor go to school.  I'm anxious over the fact that I can't watch her every minute, to make sure she is safe.  I also worry about her getting bullied.  I am scared that she is too young to make big decisions if she were put in a bad situation.  I know I'm a control freak. 
She took this herself!

I thought about home school for a while, because I was so scared to send her away for the day.  But after much thought, I've decided to send her to school.  I feel a lot more calm about it now then I did, say a year ago.  So that is good.  I am learning to let go....a little.  I know that I will have to let go a little each year.  I know that is part of parenting.  I know that teaching a child to use their own mind to make good decisions is one of the most important lessons a child could learn.  I am so afraid that I will fail at that.  I'm glad I'm afraid.  The fear motivates me to spend time teaching them all of these important tools to get through life. 

I have a friend that recently told me that I was ruining my child's life by being too overprotective.  It kind of hurt.  But at the same time, I was thankful for her honesty.  She was adamant about the fact that I was too much of a worry wart.
 I don't agree though.  I don't think there is such a thing as being too worried because of the world we live in.  My friend thought I was strange because I wouldn't let my daughter have sleep overs or let her go to other friends' houses, where I did not know all of the people living in the house. 
Maybe I am a PARANOID FREAK.  But I cannot help it.  Unfortunately I am VERY aware of the world we live in and the kinds of bad things that go on.  My baby is my number one priority, so I am doing what I think is best, as her parent.  I know I cannot control everything.  I know that as children get older, we have to give up some control and give our children a little more control.  I'm working on up control.  I'm just taking baby steps...and having her go to school is one of my baby steps of letting go a bit.  Sleepovers....well that's a whole other thing!  Baby steps right! 

What are your views on letting children sleep over at friends' houses?


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