Jul 8, 2013

El Morro

On Saturday, we went on a family hike to El Morro.
El Morro National Monument

Me and the kids
 We had such a blast!  It felt so good to be out in the open, surrounded by the ones I love most.  We have decided to go on a small hike/trip every Saturday, for the rest of the summer.  Life is too short.  The hubs and I are always talking about things we are going to do.....later.....when the kids get bigger, or when we have more time.  Just recently I've realized that we have to MAKE time.  We are never going to get time back.  I want to look back on my life when I am old and grey and feel content.  Content, that I used my time wisely.  Content, that I spent my time with my family, making memories filled with happiness and joy.  That's a hard feat folks!  I know it.  But I want to try.  Here are a few pics from our trip!



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