Jul 10, 2013


This is Lincoln.  He has just turned 3 years old.  He brings so much joy and laughter to our lives.

 He loves to laugh and have fun.  He also loves to cuddle his mommy every so often...especially after waking from a nap.  I think he is absolutely beautiful with his big blue eyes.

Good thing too, because he is also your typical 2/3 year old boy.  He is very curious about how things work, and has NEVER ENDING energy.  He goes all day long.  If I put him in for quiet time, he will eventually take a nap...usually.
This is a first....falling asleep in my arms

 I love him to pieces, and feel like he was brought into our family to fill it with love and laughter.  He loves to play outside, ride his scooter or bike, play with trains, and of course....make messes everywhere he goes.  He also LOVES music, and playing dress up with his sister! 

We made sure to purchase him some super hero capes last year for Christmas, so he wouldn't be resigned to wearing his sister's princess costumes! :)

He is NOT potty trained yet, and the Mr. is always getting on me about starting it up.  One time....like a month ago....Lincoln started potty training himself.  I was ecstatic and thought I wasn't going to have to do anything....but no such luck.  He stopped using the potty mostly.  I promised the hubs that I would start potty training soon.  If anyone has any tips for potty training, I would love to hear them! 

Summer fun in the pool

He loves his baby brother


wrestling with dad, they can't get enough!



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