Jul 29, 2013

Fat Loss Week 2

Okay, so I finished week 1.  I had some ups and downs that I will talk about but first, here are my measurements:
Current Measurements:
Waist: 27.75 "
High Hip: 33"
Hips: 36.5 "
So I've lost 1/4" off my waist, nothing off of my muffin top (high hip), and 1/4" off my hips.  I'm disappointed that I haven't lost anything off of my high hip, because that is one of the places that bothers me the most.  My skin is still loose there from having a baby and I think my hips have spread.  I know it takes time.  I know I will get leaner over time, and even though I may not get as small as before, I still know there is fat to lose in my high hip area.
As far as my diet and exercise, I did pretty good.  With my exercise, I managed to lift weights 4x/wk (2 upper, 2 lower body), and I did cardio 5x/wk just as I had planned.  So that was good.
With my eating, I did OK.  I was NOT perfect.  I pretty much ate every 2 to 4 hours and my meals were a good balance of lean protein and healthy carbs, some fats.  I had a few cheats over the course of the week, and then on Saturday night, I took my cheat meal.  I overdid it though.  I ate 3 pieces of pizza, and then 2 pretty good sized bowls of ice cream (mint cookie, yum!).  But it was too much.  I felt sick and full all night long.  Uncomfortably full.  Also, the next day I gained a lb, which in turn got me down.  So it's kind of like a snowball effect.  All of Sunday, I felt like cheating on my eating because I felt like I had already failed.  So that was not good.  I've decided to try and not go overboard on my cheat meal.  It makes me feel like I've undone all of my hard work.  Next time, I am going to maybe just stick with one bowl of ice cream instead of two!  Also, as far as my other cheats throughout the week, they were very small.  For example, one day I made chocolate chip cookies and I ate a spoonful of raw cookie dough (another favorite).  On another day, I ate 1 scoop of sherbet in a cup.  Not so good, but also, I was proud of myself for choosing a lower calorie option instead of the high fat/higher calorie ice cream.  And then on 2 of the days, I ate 2 Tbsp. of Nutella, and also I had a couple of chips, and one bite of a butterfinger cream pie.  Most of these little cheats were not tragic in my book.  I didn't overindulge.  I definitely was NOT perfect, but I still feel pretty good about it overall.  I can only get better from here on out.  And I will.
I wasn't going to post about my weight, but I have decided to do that, so I can keep record of how my body loses weight vs. fat.  I weigh myself every single day. I'm kind of obsessed.  I know in my head that weight DOES NOT matter.  In fact, right now, I am less than 1/2 lb. away from being at the best weight of my adult life.  But NOT EVEN CLOSE, to the best body shape, muscle tone, etc.  It is true when they say muscle weighs more than fat.  I have fat to lose and a bunch of muscle to gain.  So remember not to pay too much attention to the scale.  In the picture that I posted (here) where I was in a bathing suit with my daughter, I was in the best shape of my adult life, and I weighed 125.8.  When I started this challenge a week ago, I weighed 130 lbs.  Today, I weigh 126 lbs.  I know 4 lbs. is too much to lose in one week.  It is not healthy.  I think a couple of lbs were water weight though.  You can expect from here on out that I probably won't lose this much in a week again.  My goal weight is 120 lbs. but again, I am unsure if this is realistic with the amount of muscle I'd like to gain.  We shall see.  I still had room for improvement when I was in the best shape of my life and felt that maybe I could still lose another 5 lbs.  Only time will tell.

Here are some progress pictures taken this morning before my workout.  I wore two different outfits so that you could get a good idea of what I look like.  I'm hoping that over time, my arms will lean out, and become toned and defined.  They probably won't get much smaller, but they will become a lot more tight and defined.  I love that look.









I'm sorry that the pics are so poor in quality.  For the next ones, I will try to get hubby to take some so that there will be better lighting.



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