Jul 21, 2013

Maxi love

Here is another Sunday outfit.  I just love maxi skirts!  They are so comfortable!  I usually don't wear long skirts around the house during the week, but I'm think'in I'm going to start doing it!  Even in the heat of the summer, a thin maxi skirt is sure to keep you cool.  The house I live in now has a roof swamp cooler, so it doesn't get as cool as a house with central air.  I wear shorts A LOT during the summer months to try and stay cool....so these maxi skirts are going to be perfect to change things up a bit.  Plus skirts make you feel so feminine.  Sometimes I get stuck thinking that they should be worn on Sundays only (when I go to church), but who says you can't feel feminine in every day life, even when you are taking care of your little ones at home, and they are spitting up, and peeing on you! Haha!

 For the first 6 months after having Jax (my third), I wore a LOT of pajamas!  I know it's horrible!!!  I had to change my outfit like 6 times a day because he would spit up so much and I can't stand walking around smelling like throw up!!!  So I wore PJ's and sweats A LOT!  But I came to a point where I couldn't stand wearing sweats, and no make up, almost everyday.  There is something to be said about putting yourself together everyday.  It just makes you feel good about yourself....or at least it does for me. 
So here's to wearing more skirts throughout the week!


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