Jul 15, 2013


Meet Taylor!

She is my oldest child, and only girl.  I feel so blessed to have had the chance to have a little girl.  My mom is my very best friend, and I'm hoping when Taylor grows up, that we will be very best friends. 

Taylor is pretty obedient, and I have to admit I got spoiled with her.  When my little boy came along after...I realized just how obedient she was.  Taylor has a soft little heart, and is very sensitive.  She also cracks me up because she is highly intelligent, and catches on to some things so quickly.  She loves to use big words that she hears other people say.  It's adorable!!!
She also is a great helper, and wants to please mom and dad as much as possible.  I love my little taters. 

She loves to play soccer, ride her scooter, play dress up, and role play with her dolls.  She wants to take dance lessons very badly, and is always trying to sing and perform for us. 
My baby is growing up too fast though.  I can't believe that she will be starting school soon.  Eeeek!  Excited and nervous all at the same time. 


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