Jul 16, 2013


Well, I told you last week that I would be spending time with my family every Saturday doing some kind of activity/trip for the remainder of the summer .  So here's to keep'in to my word!  We weren't able to actually go on Saturday because hubby had to work.  So instead we went out Sunday evening.  It was a short little hike, and perfect for the kids....not too long.  Check out the sky in some of the shots. It was beautiful!  We were racing up the mountain, and then down, to beat the lightening storm that we could see off in the distance.  We made it safely back to the car just in time.  Oh, and I have to mention, we told Lincoln about the tin cougar at the top of the mountain.  He was soooo excited about it, and scared all at the same time, because he could see it off in the distance, and it looked real!  He probably said the word "cougar" 50 times on the way up!     Enjoy the pics!

Isn't he precious!!!

Mom!  Look!  There's a lizard in there!

My man.

He sure is handsome!

Alas, the tin cougar!

Petting the tin cougar

And of course, had to poke the cougar's eye!

The End.


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