Jul 8, 2013

Kindness Matters and OOTD

So today, I was running late for my baby's dr. appt....as usual!  Since I've had my third child, I seem to be late a lot.  Being late is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I'm trying to do better.  Anywho, I was pulling out of my driveway in my stylin' mini van, and realized that the hubs forgot to put the garbage out on the curb.  So out I jumped in a frenzy, and wheeled that sucker to the end of the curb.  As I glanced up, I saw that my neighbors had not taken theirs to the curb yet either.  Normally, if I see that it has not been taken out, I will go and pull theirs out too.  But I was in too much of a hurry.  So I jumped back into the car and pulled out of my driveway, off to the dr's.  As I was barreling down my street, I noticed that the garbage truck was on it's way.  I wave of guilt swept over me.  I should turn back and take out the neighbors garbage.  Just then, my little angel (Taylor) said "Mom!  Why didn't you take out the neighbors trash too?  You know that would be the kind thing to do!" (She's 5).

My little angel

 I replied, "well yes, but we are in a hurry today.  We are running late for your brother's appointment".  Then she said something that really made me stop and take a breath.  In an exasperated tone (she has attitude), she says, "Well, what's more important Mom, being late for the dr. or doing something nice for someone else."  She meant to say being on time....but you get the gist.  I'm so grateful for my children.  They teach me so much...every....single....day.  Did I turn around and get the garbage?  No....I suck!  But next time. :)

In other news, I LOVE clothes.  I could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on clothes....in one day...... and still feel like I want more.  Of course I don't have thousands of dollars to do that.  I've learned to shop around, and to be FRUGAL(thanks to my hubs) when buying my clothing.  Sometimes I lust after expensive clothing......ok, well lot's of times.  But I don't usually buy them.  Instead I buy cheap stuff, that is poor in quality.  But it works for me, because that means I can buy more and switch out my wardrobe faster!  Ha!  So here is what I wore today:


I know, my nail polish is chipped and old, from the 4th of July....

And well, these two pics, are just to make you smile.  At least they make me smile.  I could eat them both up!  Every day, all day!

Baby Jax


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