Jul 7, 2013

Reasons To Blog...

There are a few reasons I have decided to start a blog, and also some reasons why I was hesitant to start one.  We'll start with the reasons I chose to start one:

1. Smelling the roses along the way.  This is my number ONE reason to start!  Sometimes in life (who am I kidding...almost always), I find myself running around with my head cut off.  Just trying to ENDURE the day with 3 littles at home, and all the work that that entails in my home.  I'm one of those lucky moms that get to stay home with my babies.  I feel truly blessed to be able to raise the children that I created.  But...with that said....I find it very challenging.  Since I've had my third little one, life has seemed to spin out of control, and as another mom of 3 (all little ones at home) said to me recently, "it just feels like I can't get it together!"  Amen!  I feel the same way!  It's been hard, but I am slowly starting to feel like I have a new routine, and that I can keep house a little better now.   Keep in mind that my baby is now 10 months old! Ha!  Anyhow....sorry to go off topic.  I am hoping this blog will help me to realize the special moments that occur everyday, so that I can contemplate those things, instead of wasting my time stressing about my house being a mess, or my children looking like rag muffins! :)  I hope this blog does that for me!  I hope it MAKES me slow down, so I can smell the roses!

2.  I would love for this blog to help inspire other people.  I have a few blogs that I LOVE to read (more on this later).  I love the inspiration it brings me.  I love that they can make me want to be a better person.  I love that they bring a different perspective to the table.  Maybe I will touch someone's heart and change their life for the better.  Even if it is just one person.  That would make me happy, and this blog is going to be all about happiness!

3.  Memories!  I want to write this blog so that I will have a journal to log all of our fun adventures, and really just anything happening in my life.  Plus, what's a blog without pictures?  It will make me take a lot of pics so that I can save a lot of memories!

The biggest reason I was hesitant to start this is because I pride myself on honesty.  I don't want to come across as fake or someone who is ALWAYS happy.  Sometimes when I am reading other blogs, I find myself comparing my life to theirs, and wishing some things were better in my own life.  I don't want to be that person that portrays only the good, so that it makes others feel inadequate.  I don't think other bloggers try to do that, either.  It just happens sometimes when we (the readers) feel inadequate ourselves.  On this blog I am only going to post about good things (mostly), to help improve my own life, as I take time to focus a lot more on the good, and not so much on the bad.  So PLEASE remember, my life is NOT trial free, or even close to perfect.  But that is part of the joy in this life.  Finding balance and making life a little more perfect each day, as I strive to look for the good.

I can't even wait to start this blog!  I have soooooo much to say, I don't even know how to contain myself! :)  I hope you enjoy it.  Now I'm off for my workout!
love and hugs,

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